Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Accessories from Atlanta Jewelers: A Millennia’s Worth of History

There is a wealth of history behind the pieces you see when you visit various jewelry stores in Atlanta or when you browse jewelry listings in sites like Find a Jewelry Expert. For one, personal adornments are literally as old as human civilization itself; their most basic forms used alongside the earliest clothing and tools. This dates back to some 100,000 years ago, wherein humans had access to all kinds of material which were mostly hunting, foraging, and lumbering spoils. In fact, early humans have worn jewelry long before they could even speak or write. Experts have found remains of mollusk shells strung into beads in a cave in South Africa, dating back to the Middle Stone Age some 75-100,000 years ago. In contrast, humans learned to write around 3,000 B.C. Further down the timeline, humans gained access to metals. In the ancient world, gold was the preferred metal for jewelry because of its rarity, malleability, and resistance to tarnish. The earliest concepts of metallurgy

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