Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jewelers Discuss the Top Three Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Own

Nowadays, women have a wide array of jewelry pieces to choose from, which can be matched with particular outfits to establish a personalized fashion statement. With all the choices available to you, what are the ones that are definitely must-haves for your jewelry box? Necklaces Long necklaces, which first became popular during the 1920s and the early 1930s, are gradually making a comeback in the fashion scene. In fact, long necklaces have replaced, and at times even complemented, short pendants. Any style will work with a long necklace, and the best part is that you can change its length by doubling it or putting it together, depending on your mood for the evening.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Jewelry Stores in Austin: Basics of Building your Own Jewelry Wardrobe

An enjoyable reward for years of hard work is buying yourself a piece of fine jewelry. As someone with her own considerable purchasing power, you don’t have to wait for a significant other or a relative to start building your own accessory wardrobe. Since this is an investment in itself, below are a few guidelines in choosing the pieces for your collection. Classic Women’s Jewelry A flowing necklace with a single pendant is an accessory that goes well with any outfit you’re wearing, whether it be formal wear or apparel for a casual stroll in the park. Options for the pendant are also diverse: A contemporary style may include an enclosed gemstone or an intricate charm, while a classic approach may be a photo locket or pendants of significance to the wearer.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Factors to Consider When Looking for Ideal Engagement Rings in Denver

Searching for engagement rings around Denver is not a difficult task, but you will want to make the right choice just the same. Purchasing an engagement ring, after all, is a major expense, and it is one that will also have a lot of meaning. Since buying one of these rings is a major decision, you'll want to take the time to ensure that your choice is right.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pairing Both Gold and Silver Jewelry? Jewelers Say You Finally Can

Years ago, women would pair their bags with the color of their shoes, or match their toenail color with their fingertips. Similarly, when women wear jewelry, they could only choose either an all-gold or all-silver ensemble. Not anymore, as more people are daring to experiment with different metals in their getup. From beaches to music festivals, everyone’s wearing variations of mixed metal jewelry. Be it pairing pale rose gold with oxidized silver, to matching burnished gunmetal with yellow gold, you can see these looks on bangles, necklaces, and earrings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jewelers in Chicago: A Few Tips on How to Choose the Right Necklace

Necklaces come in many designs and lengths, so much so that when you look around the displays of local jewelers in Chicago or elsewhere, it would probably take quite a while for you to make a choice. Therefore, take into account the following tips that can help you choose a necklace that is sure to flatter your neckline. If you want something that will match everything, then consider a metal chain. There are various lengths and thicknesses depending on the occasion and what you are wearing the chain with. You can get something that will add just a hint of shimmer—eye-catching but not distracting. For an elegant or sophisticated look, especially when you’re going to a special event like a wedding or reunion, a pearl strand or a thin necklace with a delicate charm will do nicely.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Engagement Rings: How to Find the Perfect Diamond for Your Proposal

You've decided to ask her to marry you. It's a monumental life-changing decision that is both terrifying and exciting. The next step in the process is finding her one of the best engagement rings in San Francisco jewelry stores. This ring will sit on her finger for the rest of your life together, so it should be special—a token of your love and affection. That makes it an incredibly important purchase. Here are some tips to help you out: The Shape Before deciding on the size of the diamond or the band, you'll need to figure out the diamond’s shape first. There are many shapes like pear, princess, round, as well as emerald or heart. There are even triangle-shaped diamonds, which are called trillion. The shape is not considered the cut of the diamond, which can be slightly confusing when shopping for diamonds.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Going for Custom Engagement Rings: A Romantic and Thoughtful Gesture

People who have given ample thought to settling down may already have solid ideas of the type of engagement ring they want to invest in. As the ring symbolizes a special chapter of their life, getting the ring right takes sufficient planning and an eye for craftsmanship. This is where online jewelry listings, like Find A Jewelry Expert, can help them find jewelers in NYC that create custom engagement rings. Plan Your Design Before you come up with your own ring design, experts recommend that you look at your partner’s jewelry choices to help you determine their preferences in rings. Talking to her closest friends, as well as casually window shopping at jewelry stores, can also help you complete your plan of a personalized ring. Be alert of subtle suggestions from her, too.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shopping for Gemstones in Jewelry Stores: Basic Facts You Should Know

Boston residents looking for a fancy gift can’t go wrong with quality jewelry. Whether it’s an intricate necklace or an elegant ring, there’s nothing that shows another person how much you value her more than a good piece of jewelry. For a truly special gift, you will do well to pick a piece with one of these four precious gemstones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Once reserved only for royalty and religious figures, these jewels are now available for anyone to cherish, including people you highly esteem. Here’s a brief overview of these gems and what to look for when buying. Diamonds Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and many jewelry stores boast a wide array of them for you to choose from. As symbols of eternal love, you can often find diamonds gracing engagement and wedding rings.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ask Trusted Jewelers for Help in Finding the Right Necklace as Gift

A necklace can be an impressive gift to a loved one. It is a great fashion accessory that can work with a variety of outfits, from daytime to evening. Necklaces come in a wide variety of design, from simple chains to fancy designer pieces studded with precious stones. When you’re shopping around for the ideal necklace to give as a gift, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. The Material First, you’ll have to consider the metal that the necklace is made of. Jewelry stores in Atlanta offer a wide variety of necklaces made from differing materials, but the bulk of them are likely gold or silver pieces. These are the two most popular metals in jewelry, though platinum and other metals are also available. In buying these pieces, consider the karat. Some necklaces are only plated with the precious metal, while others are the real thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Looking for Engagement Rings? These Upcoming Trends Will Help You

Are you looking for engagement rings in Houston? If you are in search of that perfect ring, you might need to consider some trends that are coming up, especially if your bride-to-be is extremely style conscious. Here are some ideas. Diamond Cluster Rings Diamond cluster rings are exactly what the name indicates. They are engagement rings with several diamonds grouped together to bring that extra special sparkle. Since there are more of them, the stones tend to be smaller, yet they sometimes weigh as much as a single loose diamond. These rings are perfect for those looking for an affordable jewelry piece that takes up a good amount of space on their finger.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Notable Characteristics of Great Diamonds for Use in Engagement Rings

How do you find high-quality engagement rings in Seattle stores? The staggering number of choices available in jewelry stores today can be disorienting. Gather some basic knowledge about jewelry before you start to shop, so that when you are ready to drop to one knee at the Space Needle or at some other iconic Seattle landmark, you will have a beautiful ring to offer your beloved. The Four “C”s Cut, color, carat, and clarity are the four determining factors of a great diamond. The cut of a diamond is its basic shape. Some examples of cuts include round, Marquise, oval, pear, square or Princess cut, and heart-shaped. The cut of a diamond also refers to the depth of the actual faceting of a diamond. The depth of the cut significantly affects the stone’s luster, and the perfect cut will give the maximum amount of sparkle possible for the diamond.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Metal Band for Stunning Austin, TX Engagement Rings

So you thought your pre-engagement problems were over when you narrowed down on the best diamond you could find from one of many jewelry stores out there in Austin. This might, however, raise another question: are you giving enough thought to the band? Here are some things you should be asking yourself on that matter: Will it be sneeze- and itch-free? As strange as it might sound, some people are actually allergic to gold, or to one of the materials in the alloys used in jewelry-weight gold or its coatings. If that's true of the love of your life, you may want to buy a platinum or palladium band. Both are hypoallergenic and are strong and easy to keep clean and shining. Called "noble metals," these two choices withstand corrosion and don't oxidize. Palladium is lighter than platinum and will never lose its whiteness.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Make It Special: Trusted Jewelers Help Get Your Wedding Rings Engraved

It doesn’t stop with finding the right rings, however. To make them even more special, you may also want to personalize them. One of the ways to make engagement rings or wedding bands personal is to have them engraved. It's been a popular custom for centuries and is still widely practiced to this day. An engraved inscription makes the symbol of your love even more meaningful and serves as a special message exclusively for your loved one. Most jewelers will help you have your rings engraved, either on-site or through a trusted associate. Here are some things you should know about getting your wedding rings engraved for your special day.