Friday, July 10, 2015

Choosing the Ideal Jewelry Metal for You: Some Tips From Jewelers

When people are looking to buy some jewelry, they often focus on the diamonds and precious stones of the piece. However, the other important component is the metal used. This is often the larger part of the piece, being a setting for the jewels that adorn the piece. This is why choosing the right metal for your piece is important. Expert jewelers in Chicago would be able to tell you about the different types of jewelry metals and recommend on what you should pick for best results. Here are the three most popular ones: Gold Gold has always been the most popular of decorative metals. This is because of its shiny nature and its malleability. Easily moldable into different shapes, an expert jeweler can turn a single ounce of gold into a thread that stretches for as much as 50 miles. Another advantage of the lustrous metal is that it never tarnishes, ensuring that any golden piece will last for a long time; properly cared for, a golden ring or necklace can last for several lifetimes.

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