Thursday, July 9, 2015

Read Up! 3 Kinds of Engagement Rings for a Woman who Loves Stories

Does your partner love stories? You might constantly find her absorbed in books and other reading materials or experience how she lights up when she animatedly recounts her day, a vivid memory, or an event she found interesting. If you’ve decided to finally pop the question, celebrate her fondness for the narratives with the ring you will propose with. Read up on three kinds of engagement rings for a woman who loves stories. For the History Buff: Look for vintage jewels. Does your partner love antiques for their colorful history? Get her a vintage ring. It may cost you more than a mere pretty penny, but you can be sure that the quality of the rings is going to be exquisite, thanks to the artisanal execution of the jewelers of that era. If you find a gorgeous engagement ring with interesting accounts like authentic talismans for your history-loving lover, she will surely swoon with joy.

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