Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Metal Band for Stunning Austin, TX Engagement Rings

So you thought your pre-engagement problems were over when you narrowed down on the best diamond you could find from one of many jewelry stores out there in Austin. This might, however, raise another question: are you giving enough thought to the band? Here are some things you should be asking yourself on that matter: Will it be sneeze- and itch-free? As strange as it might sound, some people are actually allergic to gold, or to one of the materials in the alloys used in jewelry-weight gold or its coatings. If that's true of the love of your life, you may want to buy a platinum or palladium band. Both are hypoallergenic and are strong and easy to keep clean and shining. Called "noble metals," these two choices withstand corrosion and don't oxidize. Palladium is lighter than platinum and will never lose its whiteness.

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