Thursday, September 3, 2015

Notable Characteristics of Great Diamonds for Use in Engagement Rings

How do you find high-quality engagement rings in Seattle stores? The staggering number of choices available in jewelry stores today can be disorienting. Gather some basic knowledge about jewelry before you start to shop, so that when you are ready to drop to one knee at the Space Needle or at some other iconic Seattle landmark, you will have a beautiful ring to offer your beloved. The Four “C”s Cut, color, carat, and clarity are the four determining factors of a great diamond. The cut of a diamond is its basic shape. Some examples of cuts include round, Marquise, oval, pear, square or Princess cut, and heart-shaped. The cut of a diamond also refers to the depth of the actual faceting of a diamond. The depth of the cut significantly affects the stone’s luster, and the perfect cut will give the maximum amount of sparkle possible for the diamond.

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